Client: Bow + Arrow Entertainment

I worked with filmmaker Robert Scott Wildes to create the poster for his film POOR BOY which premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Romeo and Samson Griggs are two reckless, misfit brothers who live on a battered houseboat in the desert on the outskirts of town. Left without any other family to speak of, these two desperately lack both intuition and direction. They survive by constantly hustling, gambling and thieving other small-time crooks in their neighborhood. Nothing seems to ever go according to their harebrained schemes but that hardly seems to faze either of them as they operate in their own strange and delusional headspace. In an attempt to finally leave for California, they plan an even more complex and financially rewarding long con.
First-time feature filmmaker Robert Scott Wildes assembles a cast brimming with notable indie veterans and creates a darkly nuanced, adrenaline-filled caper set in a modern western landscape. Hypnotic visuals collide in an emotionally powerful rhythm that reflect the film's bizarre environment and characters, immersing the viewer into the filmmaker’s own twisted Southwestern phantasmagoria.
—Tilson Allen-Merry